What to Expect After Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy vein treatment is intimidating to a lot of people. However, sclerotherapy is simple and can be completed in a matter of minutes. The treatment merely requires an injection of a “sclerosant” to treat spider veins which then reduces the appearance and symptoms by collapsing the problem vein.

Each vein must receive its own treatment so you may require a few visits to treat multiple veins effectively. The procedure is often painless, involves very low risks, and allows patients to return to their normal activities almost immediately. If you have spider or varicose veins, sclerotherapy may be the simplest way to treat them. Choosing and undergoing this treatment is as simple as a visit to Northern Illinois Vein Clinic.

What to Expect Immediately After Treatment

This vein treatment is safe, quick, and easy for both the physician and the patient. It takes only a few minutes to complete the entire procedure, and because the treatment involves a simple injection, it does not require any anesthetic. Therefore, you do not need to be kept in the clinic once your procedure is finished. You can check out of the clinic and go home immediately.

What to Expect a Few Days After Treatment

Post-sclerotherapy care is quite easy and relatively minimal. While the procedure itself is quick and often includes very low levels of discomfort, you may experience soreness and bruise around the site where the sclerosant was injected―which is typically the thigh. Bruising usually diminishes within a couple of weeks.

If you experience painful sensations, it is safe to take Ibuprofen. Discomfort for a few days after the procedure is normal, but light activity often helps to reduce it and increase healthy blood flow. An excellent example of a helpful recovery activity is walking for a few minutes at regular intervals throughout the day. It is also important to support healthy circulation by wearing compression socks for at least a week after treatment.

Returning to Vigorous Activity

If you are generally athletic or enjoy frequent activity, your exercise routine may be your most significant concern when recovering from sclerotherapy treatment. You will be glad to hear that most patients are able to return to their normal workout regimens seven days after the procedure. However, recovery is unique to every individual. You should always listen to the advice of your primary care physician if they recommend a more extended period of rest, restricted to light activity.

Recovery After a Month or More

While most discomfort and bruising should be significantly diminished or nonexistent a month after the initial treatment, your body is still working to heal and recover internally. This may result in some tightness at and around the injection site. This is because the vein at the injection site has collapsed as a result of the procedure and scar tissue may replace it. It is not dangerous, but it could take a little while longer to fully heal and begin to loosen as your body gets used to a slight change in tissue and blood flow. After three to six months post-procedure, any recovery symptoms should have diminished to the point of being unnoticeable.

Get Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment at NIVC

For specialized care for your spider and varicose veins, the Northern Illinois Vein Clinic uses the latest technology and minimally invasive techniques to offer you the best possible care. Our board-certified radiologist will walk you through the process to make sure you feel comfortable and knowledgeable about your treatment at all times. Contact us to learn more and schedule an appointment today!