Sclerotherapy at Northern Illinois Vein Clinic

Discover a fast, simple and painless way to treat spider veins

While EVLA can be used to treat larger problem veins, it is also common to have smaller, tributary veins that don’t function properly. Left untreated, these spider veins can cause uncomfortable symptoms and lead to even more varicose veins.

Dr. Gilvydis uses sclerotherapy to effectively treat spider veins. Small injections of a liquid sclerosing agent (also called a “sclerosant”) are used to achieve much the same result as EVLA does for larger veins.

Dr. Gilvydis usually provides sclerotherapy treatment during follow-up visits after EVLA (or another similar procedure). While his goal is to treat all of your problem tributary, or spider veins, there is a limit to how much sclerosing agent he can introduce into the body at one time, so more than one treatment may be needed.

Sclerotherapy is a simple, quick and painless procedure performed right here in the office. You can be treated and go about the rest of your day with few or no restrictions on your activities. However, you may be required to wear compression hose to help ensure optimum results.

Dr. Gilvydis has extensive experience in the use of sclerotherapy and has helped thousands of patients achieve excellent results with this technique.

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