Endovenous Laser Ablation/Endovenous
Laser Treatment

The latest laser vein treatments achieve incredible results with minimal downtime and discomfort

Today, the standard of care is vein treatment that is minimally invasive, quick, convenient, and virtually painless. Dr. Gilvydis performs endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) right here in the office without anesthesia and without discomfort. After your treatment, you are able to get up, go home and go about your day.


EVLA resolves problem veins from the inside.

Dr. Gilvydis uses EVLA to “ablate” or close down superficial varicose veins. With this minimally invasive technique, a tiny catheter is threaded into the vein. As the catheter is pulled out of the vein, light energy is delivered to the vein wall, causing it to close down. Your body automatically re-routs blood flow to the heart through other, deeper veins, and the treated vein is naturally absorbed into the body.

Because EVLA is minimally invasive, complications from the procedure are quite rare. There is also minimal scarring and virtually no downtime. Dr. Gilvydis performs the EVLA procedure right here at Northern Illinois Vein Clinic, so you can enjoy the utmost in convenience and privacy.

EVLA ensures optimum treatment outcomes

EVLA is used to treat larger veins that are the main source of reflux (the backflow of blood) in superficial veins. However, EVLA is not used to treat all the smaller branches and tributary veins. As a result, Dr. Gilvydis may treat one leg at a time using EVLA, and sclerotherapy may also be needed to treat smaller, tributary veins and ensure the best results.

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