Incredible Results with Minimal Discomfort & Downtime

Today, the standard of care is vein treatment that is minimally invasive, quick, convenient, and virtually painless. Dr. Gilvydis performs endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) right here in his Rockford office, without anesthesia and without discomfort. After your treatment, you are able to get up, go home and go about your day.


EVLA resolves problem veins from the inside

Dr. Gilvydis uses EVLA to “ablate” or close down superficial varicose veins. With this minimally invasive technique, a tiny catheter is threaded into the vein. As the catheter is pulled out of the vein, light energy is delivered to the vein wall, causing it to close down. Your body automatically re-routs blood flow to the heart through other, deeper veins, and the treated vein is naturally absorbed into the body.

“After 40 years of aching and swelling and some bouts with phlebitis, the laser surgery took care of my symptoms. 25 years ago I had vein stripping of my left leg. The veins reappeared. I felt tired and my legs ached. I underwent laser surgery with Dr Gilvydis and now still after 4 years there are no signs of any varicose veins or symptoms. Don’t hesitate to get the laser treatment done – and YES insurance covered it all!”

Because EVLA is minimally invasive, complications from the procedure are quite rare. There is also minimal scarring and virtually no downtime. Dr. Gilvydis performs the EVLA procedure right here in Rockford at Northern Illinois Vein Clinic, so you can enjoy the utmost in convenience and privacy.

Does endovenous laser vein treatment require preparation by the patient?

Endovenous laser treatment (EVLA) for varicose veins is one of the easiest, most convenient ways for Illinois patients to help problem veins. When you choose EVLA/EVLT for varicose veins, there is very little you have to do before the procedure.

Prior to your treatment, your doctor will evaluate the state of your veins as well as any risk factors you might have. Some patients may be asked to adjust certain habits, such as smoking, or modify medications just prior to treatment.

How long does it take to recover from an endovenous laser vein procedure?

Endovenous laser treatment recovery time is minimal. You can usually return to your normal routine after a full day, although you should avoid strenuous activity like running and swimming for up to two weeks after any vein procedure. Walking daily helps accelerate the healing process.

“I sleep better, my legs feel great, and I don’t struggle to exercise anymore! Wish I would have done it sooner!”

What kind of restrictions does a patient face after endovenous laser vein ablation?

Risk of complication after an EVLA procedure is low. Nonetheless, listen to your doctor’s advice and schedule appropriate follow-up appointments. If you notice unusual symptoms, seek medical attention to rule out complications.

You may also be advised to avoid submerging the leg in a hot bath or pool, avoid sitting for long periods without taking a break to walk, and potentially to avoid lifting heavy objects.

In particular, remember the following:

  • Avoid intense, direct sunlight and apply sunscreen to the area if your doctor suggests it
  • You can clean the leg gently using warm water, but avoid hot water that could harm it
  • Use compression stockings as directed by your doctor, typically up to about two weeks.

Most patients may consider over-the-counter ibuprofen to alleviate discomfort on the first night following the procedure. Ask your doctor about wrappings or dressings around the treatment area, as these might need to stay in place.

How soon after EVLA can I look into sclerotherapy?

EVLA focuses on larger veins in the leg, which typically cause the noticeable problems with superficial veins. The superficial veins can be treated with sclerotherapy, which involves the use of a medical laser or special saline solution to shut them.

In some cases, EVLA and sclerotherapy may be performed at the same time. Most patients will need to wait until they have recovered fully from their EVLA treatment, however.

Is EVLT for varicose veins really right for me?

Laser treatment is a straightforward, low-risk procedure for otherwise healthy adults suffering from a range of vein issues. The best way to discover how it will work for you is to discuss your needs with a qualified Illinois doctor.

“I can now wear shorts and not feel like I have a disease on my leg. It’s been the best experience and I have absolutely no regrets of having this procedure done. Pain during the procedure is minimal. The outcome is like a whole new meaning on life. Dr Gilvydis and his staff at his vein clinic are very patient and understanding and I thank them tremendously for giving myself as well as others a new and better way of life.”

EVLA is used to treat larger veins that are the main source of reflux (the backflow of blood) in superficial veins. However, EVLA is not used to treat all the smaller branches and tributary veins. As a result, Dr. Gilvydis may treat one leg at a time using EVLA, and sclerotherapy may also be needed to treat smaller, tributary veins and ensure the best results.

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