Vein Disease FAQs: Your Questions Answered

vein FAQ

Painful and often debilitating vein problems are prevalent among Americans. They are so common in fact, that more than 50 percent of women and up to 45 percent of men suffer from some type of vein problem.

At Northern Illinois Vein Clinic, we specialize in diagnosing and treating varicose veins, spider veins and vein disease. Here, we answer a few frequently asked questions and help you take steps toward an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

What is vein disease (venous insufficiency)?

Vein disease is when the valves inside the vein stop working properly and fail to keep blood flowing normally. As the valves weaken, blood can flow backward into the veins and collect there, resulting in venous insufficiency.

Are varicose veins the same as vein disease?

The two are directly related. When the backed-up blood caused by venous insufficiency bulges into the veins and makes them larger, they become varicose veins.

What are spider veins?

These smaller veins appear closer to the skin’s surface, usually on the legs and face. They can resemble red or blue spider webs or legs. Spider veins may or may not be related to varicose veins, but they can indicate vein disease.

What should I do if I see signs of vein disease?

It’s important to undergo a thorough ultrasound diagnosis to detect the presence of venous insufficiency. Once you know the status of your vein problem, your doctor can recommend a treatment plan that delivers optimal results for you.

Can varicose veins be dangerous?

Not typically, but they can be painful, and for many people that’s incentive enough to consult a doctor. Be sure to seek medical care if:

  • The vein becomes swollen, red, tender or warm to the touch
  • Sores or a rash appear on the leg or ankle
  • The skin on the ankle and calf thickens or changes color
  • A varicose vein begins to bleed
  • Painful or bothersome leg symptoms disrupt your daily activities
  • The appearance of varicose or spider veins is causing you stress

Don’t let painful or annoying vein problems interfere with your life or develop into more serious problems. At Northern Illinois Vein Clinic in Rockford, Dr. Rimas Gilvydis, specializes in minimally invasive vein treatments to relieve the pain and stress caused by vein disease.

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