Varicose Vein Recovery Story in Illinois

Varicose Vein Treatment Makes Rockford Woman ‘Happy in Life Without Pain’

Varicose veins disrupted Deb Raymond’s active lifestyle until treatment through Northern Illinois Vein Clinic helped put her back on track with her goals for exercise and weight loss.

The 65-year-old Rockford resident said vein issues made her feel “absolutely miserable.” A nurse by trade, the pain, achiness, and discomfort in her legs started taking their toll about six years ago – made worse by standing for long periods on the job.

“I had trouble walking and I couldn’t exercise, which meant I couldn’t lose weight. After a certain amount of time, my legs would just hurt,” she recalled. “You could only do so much without having pain. I couldn’t enjoy vacation because walking around would hurt too much. I had no quality of life.”

She was hesitant to reach out for help at first, remembering the painful vein stripping treatment her mother went through many years ago. Deb started researching and talked to her doctor, who was supportive and helped explain how vein treatment has advanced in recent years.

Deb decided to give it a try, called Northern Illinois Vein Clinic (NIVC) for a screening, and started working with Dr. Rimas Gilvydis and his team to move forward.

She underwent minimally invasive treatment in October at NIVC. Deb said she experienced some soreness after the procedures, but she could feel improvements soon after treatment started.

“They were all super nice and Dr. Gilvydis was great,” Deb said of the NIVC team. “They were compassionate, understanding and helped me with what I needed to do.”

Her pain eventually went away, and she returned to walking on the treadmill and riding her stationary bike, which led to a weight loss of about 50 pounds.

“It’s been absolutely wonderful – my life has completely changed because of this,” Deb said. “At work, I’m able to stand and do what I need to do, and just be happy in life without pain.”

In February, she traveled to Florida for vacation, and it was the first time in a long time she was looking forward to walking on the beach.

“It’s been very helpful to change my routine, to have fun and be able to get outside. It’s just nice to do a variety of things.”