Top 5 Sports for the Winter Season

With the winter season sticking around, it’s important to get back into a healthy exercise schedule. Staying active is important to increase circulation and maintain healthy veins. While many sports are hard to get back into after the winter cold, there are many types that you can do without feeling the chill.

1.)   Yoga

Yoga is one of the more popular activities in the modern day. The balance of both physical and mental health has a great appeal to the person trying to find the perfect opposite of a busy work day. What makes this perfect for winter is a few things. First, you can go to a yoga studio or do yogaat home, allowing you to control the climate. It also involves lots of held stretches, which are perfect for keeping your blood flowing.

2.)   Walking

You might be thinking that walking in cold weather sounds like the opposite of keeping out of the cold. What many people don’t know is that in many places around the country there are different locations available that offer heated indoor walking tracks or even indoor shopping malls. There are many online resources to find these facilities, and often they have no cost attached. Alternatively you could brave the cold, but make sure to not wear too many layers, as you will still heat up quickly. Make sure to watch for any ice that may cause you to slip.

3.)   Swimming

While at first it may seem like another odd choice, this is similar to the last point. There are often heated indoor swimming pools available in many areas. Whether this means a full gym membership or just a trip to your local YMCA, there are options for people who want a great cardio exercise to get the blood flowing. Just make sure to dry off well before heading outside, especially your hair!

4.)   Winter Sports

While an obvious choice, many people don’t think to get involved in winter sports. Winter sports can often seem intimidating with all the gear and preparation required for things like hockey, ice skating, and skiing. The truth is that there are many groups out there that play these games casually, and would undoubtedly be willing to accept some newcomers. Getting involved in a new sport to fit the winter will allow you to be active all year, and maybe even make some new friends.

5.)   At Home Exercise

Finding the motivation to keep up a workout routine at home can be difficult with all the distractions, but during the cold it can be a more appealing choice than braving the cold. Home exercises can range from buying workout machines to just following a workout recording or even participating in a Wii sports video game. It can help a lot to have your exercise area to be separate from your computer, phone, TV, or other primary distractions.

Whatever choice you end up making for your activity as the cold season lingers on, make sure to choose one that keeps your heart rate up and your circulation strong. If you have any further concerns about your vascular health, it’s important to visit a trained professional. The medical team at Northern Illinois Vein Clinic can help you learn more about healthy veins with a free screening. It’s especially important to keep active when it’s cold outside, so go and try some of these unique activities!