Stretch for Success!

You don’t have to be a young athlete or avid gym enthusiast to experience the profound benefits of stretching and yoga. The key to stretching and yoga for the purposes of this discussion is to improve the circulation throughout your legs, thus preventing venous disorders like varicose veins. There are many great exercises out there that can help improve your circulation, reducing the chances of developing varicose veins, and they all start, and end, with stretching.

The Big Benefits of Stretching

  • Muscle building

    It is often overlooked by even the strongest weightlifters, but it’s important to remember that oxygen is one of the main keys to muscle building. Stretching after exercising should be a standard part of your routine in order to get oxygen circulating through your muscles. By doing this, they’re able to slowly release any lactic acid buildup that could otherwise cause major discomfort or cramps later on.

  • Flexibility 

    Flexibility has always been the main proponent to increased strength, better posture, and a healthier lifestyle. Modern exercise and fitness routines have begun to highlight the tremendous benefits of stretching to increase flexibility as it helps to improve your leg strength and helps to reduce fatigue and discomfort caused by exercise. Regularly stretching or doing yoga is the best way to start increasing your flexibility.

  • Strength

    Stretching and yoga are among the best ways to increase both flexibility and strength. Using mostly your body weight, rather than actual weights, you can work to tone your arms and legs and increase your flexibility at the same time. Ideally, you will focus your routine on a specific muscle group, then target a different muscle group each day until you have developed a routine that works for you. More troublesome areas may require more attention, while areas that are already fairly strong/toned can be given a little less attention to (but do not neglect ANY muscle group!).

  • Prevent Pain and Injury 

    This point is especially important for beginners, or those who haven’t exercised routinely. By increasing your flexibility, you will help to reduce the pain and discomfort of everyday exercise and build stamina and tolerance so you can increase your workout time and intensity day by day. In addition, stretching is the best way to prevent injury caused by exercise.

Stay Healthy in Rockford, IL

Many people don’t think twice about stretching, but it’s the most important part of any exercise routine. No matter what type of exercise routine you have adopted, it’s important to implement an adequate amount of stretching into your routine. The little time it takes to stretch will have long-term benefits that can make your overall quality of life that much better.

Enjoy the benefits of exercise by keeping your veins healthy. For more information regarding the correlation between vein health and exercise, contact Northern Illinois Vein Clinic today! We’re happy to help Rockford, IL patients meet their health goals!