Northern Illinois Vein Clinic Earns Vein Center Accreditation

Northern Illinois Vein Clinic (NIVC), a leading local provider of leading-edge, nonsurgical treatments for leg vein issues, including varicose and spider veins, announced today it has earned the “Vein Center” accreditation by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission(IAC), making it the only vein clinic in the region and one of three in the state of Illinois to be accredited by the IAC. The clinic also was granted a three-year accreditation by the IAC in vascular testing.

More than one half of Americans age 50 and older are affected by varicose veins. Whether to relieve symptoms and/or improve appearance, treating varicose veins can be performed by vein centers that specialize in the evaluation and management of superficial vein disorders.

Accreditation by the IAC indicates that NIVC has undergone an intensive application and review process and is found to be in compliance with the published Standards, thus demonstrating a commitment to quality patient care in vein treatment and management. Comprised of a detailed self-evaluation followed by a thorough review by a panel of medical experts, the IAC accreditation process enables both the critical operational and technical components of the applicant facility to be assessed, including representative case studies and their corresponding final reports.

“These accreditations are especially meaningful because they indicate that Northern Illinois Vein Clinic is making a positive impact in improving the quality of life our patients experience as a result of our minimally invasive treatments,” said Dr. Rimas Gilvydis, medical director and a board-certified vascular and interventional radiologist with NIVC. “Both accreditations are a reflection of our amazing team that is dedicated to helping patients get back to living their lives pain-free and with more self-confidence.”

The IAC accreditation is a “seal of approval” that patients can rely on as an indicator of consistent quality care and a dedication to continuous improvement. For more information about Northern Illinois Vein Clinic, call 779-696-8346 or visit