Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution for Healthy Veins

You’ve been meaning to take better care of your veins, but it hasn’t been a priority. This year, it’s time to put your vein health first and get relief from your painful, unsightly varicose or spider veins.

Varicose and spider veins appear when your veins aren’t working properly

You may feel aches, pains, or even numbness in your legs. Consistent movement through walking or exercise encourages the healthy valves inside your veins to contract and blood to flow toward your heart. When your muscles are at rest, these valves close to stop the blood from flowing backward. This doesn’t happen with unhealthy veins and it can cause discomfort. It’s also an early warning sign that shouldn’t be ignored.

What is venous reflux?

When your valves stop working properly or become weakened, it can cause a condition called venous reflux. Reflux of the veins occurs when blood is unable to flow back up your leg and through your heart. Instead, it pools inside the vein, just below the weakened valve. This pooling effect is what essentially creates visible, ropy varicose veins on your legs.

Varicose veins and spider veins are signs of venous insufficiency, a condition that can lead to stasis dermatitis, cellulitis and skin ulcers if left untreated. Stop this disease in its tracks with vein treatment and put an end to your misery.


Depending on the size and severity of your varicose or spider veins, there are different procedures that can help, or even heal them. These include:

Lifestyle changes

In addition to medical treatment, your doctor may recommend certain lifestyle changes to help reduce the effects of varicose or spider veins. These include:

  • Keep moving. Standing or sitting for long periods of time inhibits blood flow.
  • Elevate your legs while sitting whenever possible.
  • Exercise to encourage and maintain healthy circulation.
  • Avoid tobacco use.
  • Eat a healthy diet.

Healthy veins are just a day away

It’s time to regain control of your vein health and avoid serious, avoidable complications. If you get medical assistance before your symptoms advance you can easily encourage proper vein health and perhaps reverse the effects of this disease. Contact Northern Illinois Vein Clinic at 779-207-3771 to schedule your free consultation. It’s time to follow through on your New Year’s resolution and get your legs into those shorts you’ve been pushing aside in your drawer.