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Make your legs and hands more beautiful with our “Itsy-Bitsy Spider Veins” Treatment.  Unsightly spider veins can be a source of embarrassment.  They can also be a source of itching, stinging, and discomfort.  Though spider veins begin as a cosmetic issue, they can develop into varicose veins, and venous reflux disease, a medical condition that progressively gets worse.  Fortunately, Dr. Gilvydis and Dr. Kang have developed the “Itsy-Bitsy Spider Veins” treatment program.

 5 reasons to choose “Itsy-Bitsy Spider Veins” Treatment

  1. Unparalleled expertise – From the most experienced and highly trained vein specialists in the Midwest.
  2. The most advanced treatments – Including sclerotherapy (injection) therapy. NO invasive surgery. NO downtime.
  3. FREE vein screening – Pinpoint the source of your vein issues and get expert treatment recommendations.
  4. Genuine care and compassion – From a team committed to meeting your individual needs.
  5. Convenient appointments and in-office treatments – Because we know you have a busy life to get back to!

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