How To Choose the Right Procedure for Varicose Vein Treatment

Varicose veins are an embarrassing and often painful medical condition caused by the poor circulation of blood in your legs. The American Society for Vascular Surgery reports that up to 25 million Americans suffer from this painful condition. However, there are several treatments available for varicose veins which will help boost your confidence and improve your overall health.

With new technological advances happening all of the time, most people can undergo nonsurgical procedures to fix these bulging veins. Surgery is performed only in severe cases, with several nonsurgical options available.

Explore Non-Invasive Vein Treatments

Endovenous Laser Ablation Treatment

The purpose of endovenous laser ablation treatment (EVLT) is to collapse affected veins. To do this, your doctor will place a tiny fiber inside the troubling vein and inject targeted laser therapy which then causes the vein to collapse. Because of the body’s natural ability to divert blood to another healthy vein, this procedure causes no harm to your body. Your body will absorb the collapsed vein, effectively eliminating the pain and unsightly red and purple lines in your legs. This method is standard for treating large varicose veins but is also effective for removing smaller ones.

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Instead of making use of a laser, this method of treatment involves a medical compound known as a Sclerosing Agent to cause small varicose veins to collapse through the development of a scar. This method is similar to EVLT in the sense that it has the same outcome; however, sclerotherapy works best for small spider veins that branch off of larger varicose veins. To efficiently and effectively remove all of the troubling veins in your legs, sclerotherapy can be used in addition to EVLT.

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How Do These Two Methods Compare?


EVLT and sclerotherapy are similar in many ways. Both methods use local anesthetic and result in minimal recovery time. Regardless of which method you choose, the use of compression socks is required as part of the recovery process to encourage your body to absorb the collapsed veins and prevent blood clots. The risk of complications for both methods is almost non-existent because of their nonsurgical nature.


Though both methods are non-invasive procedures, there are still significant differences between the two. EVLT is most beneficial for large varicose veins as it involves the use of a laser. If you are experiencing a lot of pain in your condition, this treatment is usually the best option. While this method also improves the overall appearance of your legs by removing the bulging veins, its primary purpose is pain relief.

Sclerotherapy is typically the best choice to get rid of small spider veins. While even the smallest varicose vein has the potential to be painful, spider veins generally are unsightlier than they are uncomfortable. The sclerosing agent used in this procedure is incredibly effective at removing these small veins to improve the appearance of your legs.

Choosing the Right Varicose Vein Treatment

If you are considering these options to remove varicose veins, your doctor will help you decide which method is the most beneficial for you. Several factors play into which method is best, including:

  • Your symptoms: If pain plays a significant role in the decision to remove your varicose veins, your doctor will likely suggest EVLT.
  • The severity of your varicose veins: EVLT may be required for more extreme cases because it can target both small and large veins.
  • Your age: Older people may not be able to tolerate the sclerosing agent well.
  • Your overall condition: Sclerotherapy is usually the better choice for people who are pregnant, bed-ridden or breastfeeding.

Northern Illinois Vein Clinic in Rockford, IL

Both sclerotherapy and EVLT are highly-effective, nonsurgical procedures that can help you get back to a pain-free life and improve the appearance of your legs. To eliminate your varicose veins, contact Northern Illinois Vein Clinic today! Our team of varicose vein specialists are dedicated to your care and confidence.

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