3 Ways Nutrition Affects Your Vein Health

While everyone has his or her own methods for keeping healthy, many people don’t maintain their vascular health as well as they should. Having healthy veins and blood is just as crucial to a healthy lifestyle as any other healthy activities. Good vein health can improve how you look on the outside by helping stop or reduce ugly spider and varicose veins. Conversely, having healthy circulation affects you internally by stopping clogs in arteries and helping you to have a strong heart. With heart disease being one of the leading causes of death in America, vein health is no longer something to ignore. Below we have three of the best tips to help inform you about how your diet can make huge changes in your vein health.

Stopping Blockage in Arteries

This is one of the most commonly known effects of unhealthy blood. What happens is those unhealthy materials that enter the bloodstream from a poor diet cause blood flow to decrease. Plaque that accumulates on the inner walls of your arteries is made from various substances that circulate in your blood. These include calcium, fat, cholesterol, cellular waste, and fibrin, a material involved in blood clotting. These build-ups can be avoided simply by eating less fatty and generally unhealthy foods, and making sure to have your heart checked regularly.

Increased Blood Flow

Eating the correct diet can allow your blood flow to increase and reach your extremities better, and allow it to pass through all your organs more efficiently. There are many different benefits that come with this. The first major improvement with increased blood flow is that your skin will be healthier. This is both visual and internal, as blood promotes new cell growth to keep skin more virile and ready to resist infections and bacteria. Improved blood flow can also help keep organs working properly by also promoting cell growth there, allowing any damaged tissues to be replaced. A proper diet to increase blood flow would be to eat spicy foods, or foods that promote healthy blood like ginger or nuts.


Having increased blood flow is vital to staying warm. Even when you have a few layers and a blanket on, the main source of heat generation under it all is still your own body. Increasing your blood flow means that there is more warmth being moved throughout your body. It’s one of the same reasons people heat up as they work out. This will make a big difference, especially if you have normally cold hands or skin. No matter what kind of result you’re looking for in changing your diet, blood health is important. Both inwardly and outwardly it has major effects, especially for your health as the years go by.

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